City of Voxhelm

Close to an active volcano (Mt Vox), city is full of ash and soot. The sun appears red through the soot clouds. The Ruler of the city is a High Elf Necromancer called Magleth. She rules from the Spire, a large fortress that houses her favoured and an undead army. Outside the walls of the spire is the Silver Quarter, home of the great houses and a small number of merchants. These houses control the large population of humans and put them to work in the mines and dockyards. Nearly all humans live in the Underslick, a collection of slums.  

Magic is forbidden to the general populous. Anyone caught is arrested and taken into The Spire. You need a pass to practice magic within the city.

Half-Elves are hunted and killed.

The rule of law is upheld by The Enforcers, powerful necromancers with their own undead followers. The Enforcers worship Magleth as a God who grants them their powers. It is rumored they know rituals which can turn people into necromancers. 

The priests of Magleth are called Servants of Magleth. They have various temples to Magleth throughout the city including the Underslick. Humans are encouraged to worship her in the hope of being elevated to The Accepted (A  small group of humans allowed to live in the Silver Quarter).  They are obsessed with death and ritual. Each carries a long silver dagger and a black star amulet. They also run orphanages and homeless shelters which are known to supply bodies to the Enforcers for their experiments. 

North of the River: The Underslick (Slickers)

Races: Humans(majority), Halflings (minor ghetto), Half-Orc (minor ghetto).


  • Sootwarrens (H), mining district
  • Finscale (H), fishing district
  • Mawtrough (H-O), blacksmiths

South of the river walls: The Spire

Power center of Magleth

Great houses of Elves that run the city

South of the River not in walls: The Silver Quarter

Merchants, middle class.

Races:  Dragonborn (very rare), Dwarf (uncommon), Gnome (rare), Tiefling(very rare).

River: The Grey River

City of Voxhelm

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